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Year 2016 in review


While 2016 seems to have been a year that I have not written a single blog post a lot of stuff happened on a personal and professional level. Here are a few words on what I did last year.

I moved my infrastructure to Kubernetes. This was a decision that was made due to the fact that I could not keep up with the development of the Mesosphere Marathon API for my internal tools and after trying Kubernetes it was a better fit for what I was doing. kubectl has helped in more ways I thought was possible.

Since I write a lot of Go at work, I feel that I have become a better Go programmer. Hopefully this will reflect on this blog so that you will get some good things about Go here.

On a personal level, we bought a house in beautiful Gothenburg. This has meant that work at home has shifted into doing other things.

I also read a few books.

summary from Goodreads