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Found out about a few days ago and decided it would be nice to implement for my own few hosts. Earlier I have used Munin with a MQ (RabbitMQ) to send metrics to Graphite. A few weeks ago I decided to remove those extra servers to save me a few bucks.

As I have all my hosts in Puppet it would be the easiest way to deploy munin through it. I wrote a damn simple module for munin-node and added the IPs listed on hostedmunin as pollers. All I did after that was to add the hosts in the web interface of the service and the data started to show up.

If you want to use the munin puppet module, all you have to do is add these lines for your nodes:

class { 'munin::config':
  pollers => [

include munin::package
include munin::service

Now, the next step is to add support to the module to add your own plugins to munin. So, check out the awesome