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Updating rack gems on Heroku


Running my blog on Heroku is great. It's stable, it's cheap and it's powerful. Recently I have been pretty bad at updating this blog. As a result I have not updated the gems involved.

Today I was about to update the blog and move from the old .gems file to Bundler. That made me update all the Rubygems involved and resulted in failure.

`raise_if_conflicts': Unable to activate rack-jekyll-0.3.7, because
rack-1.4.1 conflicts with rack (~> 1.2.1) (Gem::LoadError)

Due to this problem I decided to search for alternative ways of deploying Jekyll on Heroku. As I've been working a lot with Sinatra lately the approach I decided to use was the one described by @jstorimer in his post Jekyll On Heroku.

To make it compatible with Ruby 1.9.2 you have to include the current directory in So, in the top of the file, add $: << '.'. That will do it and everything should work as intended.

So, I replaced rack-jekyll with sinatra and it works like a charm.