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Puppet Problem


I have been working on a minor problem with one of my Puppet clients. The problem occured after the domain switching and I was wondering why because I removed all of the certificates several times and purged the package several times. One thing I did not do though; remove the CA. After doing that it worked like a charm.

info: Retrieving plugin
err: /File[/var/lib/puppet/lib]: Failed to generate additional resources using 
  'eval_generate': undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass
err: /File[/var/lib/puppet/lib]: Failed to retrieve current state of resource: 
  undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass Could not retrieve file metadata for 
  puppet://puppet/plugins: undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass
err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: undefined method `closed?' for nil:NilClass
warning: Not using cache on failed catalog
err: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run

Puppet is working very well in my environment and it does actually ease the work very much. Together with the puppetd mcollective plugin it provides even more control over the environment.