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When API does not help


APIs are built to help programmers build their applications around data provided by another part. Our school assignment is to build JavaScript webapplications and to write functions around data from an API build by our teacher. Problem is that the API is undocumented (apart from some examples that mostly complicates things) and the interface is quite weird. I have been stuck all day (or at least half a day, my phone died and refused to wake us up) trying to solve a problem I am having. It would be easier to use a cleaner API with some more documentation but I guess this is the way we are going to do it.

Other things I have done today includes updating my (now three) DNS servers and rearranging my domains and servers. I have also moved my STOMP server to ensure faster lookups with Marionette Collective. I have also studied WLAN technologies and read a few pages in new book I have picked up. It is nice to feel that there is time to study in the class instead of just doing things as fast as possible.