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Breaking a leg


Yesterday when climbing Sophia broke her foot. It happened when she jumped down and unfortunately missed the mattress and hit the cement floor. After about 3 hours at the emergency we could go home with just a bandage. Wait 3 hours for about 5 people to say just about the same thing. I had no idea that the medical care were so slow, I know that we were the most prioritized case but they could just have sent us to the x-ray immediately and then just tell us to go home and rest.

Now I am waiting to leave for school, listening to Blue on MTV. It is not that great, not at all actually. I have also been writing a CLI for Posten's Package search. That is mostly because I am waiting for a delivery again.

Soon time for school but I rather want to spend the day working at home, I have been working pretty much to get as much as possible done to concentrate on more SysAdmin centric tasks. Experiments with mcollective and Puppet is on the run. I have realized that my STOMP-server is a bit slow which results in slow queries and answers from the mcollective servers. Also, I have been outsourcing my DNS-server and will soon make the move from my own PHP-webserver to a Heroku rails server.