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Sinestro, EC2 and Xen


I decided to connect my old server today while showering. It is just an EEE Box but I think it will work OK just to try out Xen and to check it out. I thought I would edit the domain from to a more suitable laboration domain name. But I do not really know if it would cause any disruptions in the current services running.

I am currently (and has been all night) compiling Xen with kernel on an Ubuntu 10.10 server. If I had more time with the physical hardware I would have installed Debian as a Dom0. Hopefully it will work quite well and I am able to use it more extensive. I would also like to get rid of VMware ESXi and use Xen instead, that would make it a lot easier to script and backup.

Yeah, I have been testing out a few things on EC2 and I am thinking of getting a permanent EC2 instance for offloading and mostly testing.