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A test of Jekyll


I am testing Jekyll as new blog and website plattform. Am a bit tired of using my own servers as I cannot guarantee a 100% (or at least 5 9s) uptime when I am laborating with virtualization plattforms and such.

Usally I write my posts at Tumblr in plain HTML, that is how I like it. Now I am using Textile and I am not satisfied. Mostly because I am not that familiar with Textile but also that I feel that I write plain HTML faster (mainly due to the first thing, lack of knowledge in Textile). I have also noticed that Heroku is a bit slower than my own server but it costs less and is hopefully more stable than my own.

The decision of moving to another host came mainly from the fact that my ISP decides to shut down all of the subscribers connections because they want us to go to their meeting. Well, that is not going to happen. That also causes trouble for people that are unable to attend the meeting and in some way rely on their Internet connection (VPN etc). I have complained about this ISP before. They are cheap and provide a fast connection but are not at all stable and I feel that they could improve in many ways if they just put their mind to it. It seems as they use the network as their own lab. network.