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Best thing setup


I just realized, after a lot of tests and different servers in my virtualized setup that the best thing I have setup is my Git-server. Building the server on Gitosis, all the repositories are working great and my code is gaining much more structure and it is easier to see changes and to rollback or test new functions.

The server is in use so much that I consider moving it from the virtual server to a real hardware server to get rid of any overhead and to get it a bit faster. If I had a faster infrastructure I would consider having it in the VMware ESX-server but as I know it is a bit too pricey to upgrade my SAN to become faster, more scalable, flexible and redundant. The alternative is to use either a SAS or DAS.

Currently the infrastructure is sometimes dragging with high latency due to slow storage connections. While having a 1Gb/s connection to the SAN it is using a backup 100Mb/s connection because it was more stable at implementation. Now the VMs have become so many and disk intensive that it requires upgrades. If I had several 1Gb/s NICs I would use NIC bonding to provide a more fail-safe solution. With the use of Puppet, the disk writes has become more frequent and also the syslog messages sent over the network are increasing.

As I tested out Amazon EC2 last week I saw that they seem to use Xen as virtualization technology I thought it would be cool to test that out. As it feels that on ESX, it is hard to script and program against while Xen on the other hand is more open and after seeing this it feels even more usable. The function of being able to transfer live VMs is a license feature of ESX and is a bit pricey for my private budget. By using open software it is also possible to transfer the data as I want.