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Complaining about the classes at the University will not get me far even though the classes are mostly about legacy stuff. Not enough about new and exciting protocols (read IPv6) and ways to solve things and most of all, not enough relevant stuff. Those things you have to learn on your spare time. Well some of the things learned are just great and I am happy to have gotten the knowledge but some things have just been a waste of time.

Well, I am posting right now because I have been checking out on the latest Twitter chatter about #DevOps. That is really interesting and looks like a new movement in the SysAdmin area, that and virtualization.

I will make sure to do some tests in Puppet and Chef. I will happily post it here later as well. I thought I would check out Rails 3, Heroku as well as some IPv6 testing to be able to score some future job opportunity.

About job opportunities, I am looking for a job in the Systems Administration area but is currently studying and would like to write a Bachelor’s Thesis in the field and if anyone knows a company that would like to work with me that would be a pleasure.

And I find this video hilarious; Velocity 2010 - Adam Jacob on DevOps.