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HP2140 files lost


Sorry! I just realized that I do not have the make.conf and xorg.conf files for HP2140 as referenced in Gentoo on HP 2140 avaliable for download anymore. For that I am terrible sorry, I think I have them saved somewhere in a backup and I will try to retrieve them as soon as possible.

As I do not have the HP2140 in my possession anymore I will not continue to research Gentoo on it. It is now owned by my father which uses Ubuntu.

I truly regret not taking a Clonezilla image of the harddrive in the laptop before installing Ubuntu on it. But hey, I hope I have learned something from that. So, if you read this. Please make a backup of all your files and do Clonezilla images of your harddisks. It gets a bit easier reinstalling your system when you have an image.

Now, back to exam studies for me.

[Update]: Found a more or less updated make.conf in my Gists on GitHub, check it out here; make.conf.