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Time = t


Ever since Sophia went to work this morning I have been studying non stop. Writing on a lab report about Kerberos, reading in on a few RFC’s, VoIP, Optic-fiber and much, much more. Finally got the activation codes for a software that should help us forward in a course I am taking (although it does not always help).

The thing with the software was that I had it installed on an Windows XP client that ended up in a corrupt filesystem which made it impossible to start it. Weird part is that the ZFS pool is still reporting errors even after deletion and scrubs. Hopefully there are not more errors in other VMs. Thankfully there are backups of most of the VMs on the server.

Corrupt ZFS Pool

Now I guess it is time to end the break and start working again. Have to read some more and then it is time for another break. There are not that much time left before the exams and then there are at least three reports that has to be sent in the same day. And a presentation after that. This university has the weirdest planning of all.