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Tonight there is a masquerade, or carnival called Wrågårdskalaset. I am going to spoil what I am going to be dressed as. First I was a bit into being the Batman but someone did not want to be Robin. It would be a bit funny to be Batman when I guess there will be a few Joker’s there. After watching the old Batman movies on the telly, especially Batman Returns and Batman & Robin we thought of being Batman villains.

The Penguin dress

There are a few Batman villains to choose from, after Nolan’s exceptionally good The Dark Knight. Many masquerades has had visits from the Joker etc. Now it is time to bring out the old villains such as the Pinguin and Poison Ivy. Yes, we are going to go as the Penguin and Poison Ivy from Batman Returns and Batman & Robin. Photos will be tagged to this post later on.