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This Tuesday was a really, really good day. Lovely morning, took a walk to get my car and print some papers. Then ate a really good breakfast and in the midst of that, my phone rang. It was a woman offering to buy my domain name; The rest of the day consisted of lying in the sofa, watching TV and studies.

Domain trading is a common thing in the Internet world, though I did not think it would happen to me. I know that there are people that use this as a bad thing, then it is called Cybersquatting.

“The term is derived from “squatting,” which is the act of occupying an abandoned or unoccupied space or building that the squatter does not own, rent or otherwise have permission to use. Cybersquatting, however, is a bit different in that the domain names that are being “squatted” are (sometimes but not always) being paid for through the registration process by the cybersquatters. Cybersquatters usually ask for prices far greater than that at which they purchased it. Some cybersquatters put up derogatory remarks about the person or company the domain is meant to represent in an effort to encourage the subject to buy the domain from them. Others post paid links via Google, Yahoo, and other paid advertising networks to the actual site that the user likely wanted, thus monetizing their squatting. Some argue that the dividing line of cybersquatting is difficult to draw, or that the practice is consistent with a capitalistic and free market ethos.” - Cybersquatting article, Wikipedia.

As I have had for about 5 years I can not class myself as a cybersquatter as I did not buy it for selling, I was a little doubtful whether to sell the domain or not since I really enjoy it and use it very much internally and for friends. It is a short and good domain name. It is not without a tear in my eye I sell it, it was the first domain I bought and has been really good.

Outside the rain was pouring and I could not have been happier enough to be indoors, enjoying MySQL queries while listening to the thunder rumbling, closer and closer. The good day was in me, all day long.

This was written on that Tuesday but updated later and not published until the domain trade had gone through. Sadly enough the trade did not go through. They made the impression of being ready to buy the domain but after I gave my OK they had to check with some lawyers to be on dry land. Then they said that they were not completely sure of the name as well.

So I still have my lovely domain.