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As I am more of a Linux man I tend to have less knowledge about the Windows side of things. Well, no more. I decided to do some experimenting on Windows to get more knowledge and get some control over what is happening in that not-so-good operating system. So today, I have been studying and installing AD and some Windows clients. Then I came across a Firefox MSI to deploy across these clients.

Active Directory

I sure like the idea of AD and it is very nice to use across multiple clients. I would love to see an AD for Linux, say Ubuntu that would use APT to download packages marked from a server. Maybe it will be a new project to work on. Integration with Kerberos and LDAP is of course a plus.

Remote desktop is one nice thing as well, it works like a charm and plays nice with my MacBook. It is also pretty efficient as it is possible to run on my slow 3G connection.