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Remote worker


Well, I told you about having a mobile connection to the Internet. As I got a new server it means a lot of configuring. Even when I am away. This is something I must say, I enjoy. With a VPN implemented it is easy to do the stuff like I was sitting right next to the server.

virtual office on the island

There is a problem now that I would like to have some more lab hardware. A rack case, an UPS, an iKVM, a new Gbit switch and an iSCSI SAN. A few more items would be nice. The only problem is the price of course, so if anyone would like to sponsor me that would be really great.

The hardware that I use are mostly for fun and for learning purposes. It is great to have something to test new things on and it is good to practice things before you can manage a system in a corporate environment.

Now, remote access is great to use when you need to check things in the system or get access to resources behind a firewall. It would be really difficult to manage my network if I would not be able to access it from a remote location.