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Home network


Bandwidth is not all, I say. Even though today would be a good day with a little bit more bandwidth and stability. My mobile 3G connection has a bit to go to have that stability and speed of a nice LAN connection. I would rather have a static IP with VPN to my real home network at which may see a real upgrade in the near future.

I have been talking about virtualization for a few months and I would really like to see that realized and implemented into my home/lab network. The backbone LAN network is quite stable and has been configured to maximize performance as well as optimize data flow. The issue is the server hardware at the moment, a new server might come in place this autumn and the old one will serve as a media server. At the moment I have seven virtualized servers on my MacBook and two of them is running most of the time I am using the computer. If/when the new server is implemented, these VMs will be transferred to the server and will free my laptop from the heavy usage it faces today.