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Wireless in Gentoo on HP2140


The last time I was tinkering with Gentoo on HP 2140 there was a problem with wireless and dhcpcd. Today I found a fix at the Gentoo Forums.

  • Device Drivers —->
    • Network device support —->
      • Wireless LAN —->
      • [*] Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11)
      • .
      • .
      • .
      • <M> IEEE 802.11 for Host AP (Prism2/2.5/3 and WEP/TKIP/CCMP)
      • [ ] Support downloading firmware images with Host AP driver
      • <M> Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3 in PLX9052 PCI adaptors
      • <M> Host AP driver for Prism2.5 PCI adaptors

As it takes a while to compile the kernel if you have not optimized it well. I have not so when you compile, it is a good idea to take a cup of coffee or if you prefer, a cup of tea.

After adding these as modules in the kernel you are probably safe to go. Remember to use ACCEPT_LICENSE in /etc/make.conf for broadcom-sta. As the author says;

“Re-emerge broadcom-sta and it should work with Network Manager.”

When I compiled broadcom-sta I got some error about a few entries in the .config file. Just comment them out and recompile, after that it should work fine. The entries I had were

  • CONFIG_B43
  • CONFIG_MAC80211

Previous configuration with Gentoo on the HP 2140 can be read in “Gentoo on HP 2140”. Best of luck to you. After all it pays off to have a snappy machine when you put some effort in it.